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Online Crisis Management

Online Crisis Management

Online crisis management refers series of action when communication crisis happens from event or situation that will cause harm to people or asset, which will significantly conceive negative impact on your reputation and ongoing concern for survivability as business, while disruption to operations will cause loss to your bottom line. Dealing with online crisis management is conventionally not the skill possessed by average online marketers. The ongoing process is managing your digital track records resulting from the crisis, stirred by third parties, anonymous resources trying to muddle the situation to get out of hand.

The services are indispensable moving forwards as high proportion of the population settles on the digital landscapes for a lot of purposes. Mobile technology has created the largest mobilization as the most affordable device. It often comes with social communication applications such as WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat that carry some sorts of headlines and links to sites and brand ads. Indonesia is no exception where archipelagic landscape has created demand and shift towards such trend. The demographic makeup also gives support where young and internet savvy population are the biggest proportion in the next some years. Social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Path are the testimonies of size of such audience.

GALASEO helps you identify the online sources of crisis on digital platform and media whenever your brand is part of the conversation. We will conduct intelligence search on various sites and provide scouting on the development of the crisis based on public or social signals. It could spread on any time frame and goes around the world virally. We will consult you on the digital public relations of brand and industry to gain insight into the crisis. Brand communication is direct nowadays digitally. Any feedback or comment will easily be available at any moment. There is urge to quickly give response when the brand is in crisis because of disharmony with culture and moral values of the mass and/or public policy of the territory where it has operation.

In life, and in business, reputation is everything. That said, reputation is very fragile and it only takes one mistake to cause irreparable damage to your company’s image. ~ Ekaterina Walter, Forbes

The responses and reactions should not come from emotion and panic attacks. The online social attitude and posture such as sincerity and being attentive to feedback from public are part of the moral building to repair the damage and regain trust and appreciation from public. The basic wisdom of starting the approach is to ask yourself of 1 H and 5Ws: How, Who, What, When, Why and Where. For online world, those identification will be handily available by engaging monitoring software or tools.

GALASEO itself can provide media monitoring software that is customizable for compatibility with your existing platform or as standalone platform. There have been other tools from third party providers that can serve similar purposes. We advocate data collection from public portals only. This data will help our interpretation and anticipation of what needs to be prepared. GALASEO applies some SEO principles to align with any search generated by online users which has caused the crisis and at the same time, helping clients to serve their content right on the target. General public deserves both sides of stories as suggested by famous song performing artist.

GALASEO provides quick response to situation around archipelago and regional coverage of Indonesia, available to provide support and assistance through means of digital and electronic communication such as email, video call or other Web services. We help you on the aspects where you have control over content and media coverage which serve to counterbalance the negative with positive feeds. One crucial element is your website. Owning and running corporate Website including official social media accounts are your control to make sure that when users are looking for reliable information in the midst of information overflow and confusion, they can find your Website. GALASEO makes sure your messages get across the audience where they have strong affection for your brand. Therefore their understanding of your issues on the right proportion will help the brand advocation that comes organically. We could also help engage influencers who may share the same values.

The services will cover the strategies to outrank negative contents and campaigns from staying at Google searches at prominent positions. Because of freedom of expression and consumer protection rights, some of the contents will stay on the search result whenever there is relevant queries. This is very unfavorable in the aftermath of the crisis, what if new lead or prospect who is your potential business partner, supplier or customer find out. If this is the question rightfully to ponder for better future of your business, you might well consider to discuss in detail with GALASEO, your online partner for good and not so good times.

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