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Cyber Public Relation Services in Jakarta

The rise of information and communication technology, shifting consumer behavior towards cyber media has brought impact on how companies, government institutions, individuals or groups see the urge to utilize cyber or internet media to build and defend good image or reputation. These proactive measures include resolve issue or problem, online crisis management, promotional content, press release, building connection with other parties and so on. Right now, cyber PR or also popularly known as E-PR (Electronic Public Relations) steadily has taken over conventional PR like television broadcast and print media by bigger and bigger proportion. Cyber PR as science and art like SEO to algorithm is strategic and dynamic, it needs to adapt to real-time changes in situation and condition and respond appropriately. It is no longer about press release and other one-way publication and formal language, it is now about flexible, two-way or interactive communication with the online social influencers and crowds.

Building online brand or Website awareness is associated with online marketing strategies and techniques to improve the results on sphere of influence to the target audience and show overall positive perception. On the other hand, cyber PR service provider should understand the behavior of online audience. Your consumer can simply shout out on the internet, mainly social media when he/she is disappointed with your product or service. The PR response will determine when the issue will cease and the consumer is satisfied. It is well known, happy consumer is the best viral or word of mouth marketing. There have been cases on the internet, where unfavorable PR response from corporate front liner like threat of legal suit and attempts for cover up, will only create more resistance and wider support from consumers alike.

Nowadays there are so many funnels to create PR campaign to get your brand or name out to other Web portals. Starting point is your own Website and related social media and micro-sites such as blog and forum where you talk about your brand.

Our seasoned SEO experts will help devise plan to reach your short term and long term goals. It is obvious as simple as which strategy you choose to employ. With strong budget, you can achieve short term goal through online publishers such as Google Display Network (GDN) and online media syndication. With limited budget, you can opt to SEO, social bookmarking and rich content sharing, and social networks for long term goal. We can combine each of these two clusters for most efficient and effective implementation. Google Alerts is a wonderful tool to get a sense of your brand monitoring. We will interpret the data or information for you so you can make informed decisions.

While our savvy social media marketer will help you build and develop social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube that will deliver your identity with dignity and potentially widen your audience and turn them into your loyal digital tribe. We will help you create brand storytelling that will create intimacy with your followers. We can determine for your which characteristics of social media deemed appropriate for your personal or corporate branding.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

5 Benefits of Cyber PR Services with GALASEO


1. Individualized service. We adjust our engagement in accordance to degree of client’s internal team’s capacity on cyber PR. We can build from scratch your Website, blog and social media pages for a complete cyber PR project.
2. Convenient. We encourage practical interactions to execute the plan through any communication media deemed effective.
3. Quick reaction. In case of PR crisis management, we will work hard to ensure that necessary information will be accessible on short notice.
4. Project or retainer basis. We cater to different PR needs for short term and long term implementation.
5. Search-friendly content. We can help you produce news content that will likely rank high on search results and achievable in short time. News is current information, so it can be considered update by search engine.

Cyber PR services by GALASEO is exclusively developed to integrate Online Marketing Optimization (OMO), social media strategy into Public Relations engagements. In addition to working or partnering with branded cyber media, we execute our online strategies on link-building will complement to elevate your ranking of brand related contents on search results.

To better the positioning, GALASEO has cultivated online cooperation with Indonesian nationwide online media. It is a big advantage to disseminate solid communication when you need, you have ready channel without the hassle of contacting each one of them. It could waste your critical time of response. We can help you by our expertise to scan, analyze, evaluate information or news from internet to process them into PR communication. It is a branch of our services which online marketing professionals refer as media monitoring. To produce the right PR response, this media monitoring software is quite useful to gather feedback from public or new portals and social media platforms which are crucial to your brand or reputation.

To effectively convey your message through different segments of audience, GALASEO can help you with your specific category. We can engage a network of bloggers who are active on various categories or topics. They are domiciled across some cities in Indonesia. From cyber PR perspective, they can be your influencers to share your communication content naturally. On Twitter, similar implementation can take place as well.

GALASEO is also capable of selecting some online PR sites to create distribution links which can potentially link back to the source. Automatic back-link can occur subsequently. You need to take into consideration with your options to engage which cyber PR professionals you want to engage. Trust and credibility must be taken seriously as the process will be done apart from your brand Website or related accounts. Our services will help you with identifying link authority and popularity of external sites and relevancy with your PR goal.

If you are so confused of how to implement the cyber PR by priorities and effectiveness, call or email us now to get enough understanding the inner workings and cost to value affordable to your budget.

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