SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization Consultant

GALASEO’s SEO Consulting Indonesia services will boost your presence in search engine upon competitive intelligence analysis of the search results and trends. We make analysis of your competition based on your specific request and budget. So, keyword research and analysis will usually come into action in the beginning which is tedious work to perform and may not be familiar landscape for in-house team.

Another important aspect is your Website design. We will examine closely the structure of your Web whether it has met certain standards to be considered search engine friendly. There are cases in the field, the in-house development team is not aware that while their Website design may look elegant for customers, actually their design may have hurt page ranking because the Website contents are not index friendly and there is even no or little external linking to the Website. It is even worse, when you outsource your Off Page SEO, link building activities to some unknown consultant or company and aren’t sure if they are helping or hurting.

We can review your old links and build a custom strategy for quality link acquisition. Any redesign work will be consulted with your development team and we will also be able to help you with content and submissions and manual link building, when SEO services are necessary.

With SEO Consulting, you are exposed to preliminary examination of SEO needs and requirements into your On Page SEO Website. You may not have any idea what SEO is all about, but you may have allocated some budget for SEO purposes. We will guide you with customized need assessment and define strategy on long-term development for measurable search marketing success. We will provide you with some insights of what your competitors are doing and how, whether it is about on page and/or off page strategies, their internal and/or external links, etc. SEO consulting may be engaged either on a per-project or a monthly retainer basis. They may be arranged upon thorough discussion with you.

The days of SEO being a game outsmarting algorithms are over. Today content strategy and valuable, sustainable strategies are essential, not just tricks and links.”

If your potential clients can not see your product, your business can’t exist on the market. Within search engine optimization promotion, we increase your Website’s visibility on Google and promote it to the top by white hat SEO strategy via visitor-generating keywords base on research. Increase attendance of your Website. More visitors, more money!

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