Marketing and Business Solutions by AI Software

Marketing and Business Solutions By Artificial Intelligent Software

Technology is touching our lives in more way we can imagine today, making it indispensable tool as product or service that accompany our activities.

With greater speed and capacity in computing capability and access to vast amount of data, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking more roles in human live. It will bring in critical innovation by providing new business opportunities and reshaping the way a business is running.

With business intelligence, it refers to how artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing can help companies to handle big data, generate insights and get ready for an AI-run world.

In current application, AI is enabled with machine learning. The idea is that machine can detect patterns from data and adjust as necessarily action program accordingly.

Big data is new breakthrough in this ever connected world. It is vast amount of data coming from various formats. This is big shift from previous technology where data is structured. With big data, the amount of “trouble” data (dirty, unstructured, or hard to access data) is converted into meaningful insights, connecting multiple data sets and sources. The size of data is no less than terabytes and it can grow rapidly in relatively short time.

With big data, the insight is much more complete and it can be accessed from single platform instead of multiple applications.

The insight will help companies in formulating marketing strategy online and offline, therefore it will have more impact on the bottom-line. Formulation of solutions that will suit the marketplace based on the consumer behavior and response.

As the process is real time and continuous, big data is beneficial for many sectors such as government, companies, banking and finance, manufacturing and so forth. They will help with monitoring, evaluation and decision making.

Stepping up on the utilization by businesses is advance analytics. It involves the level of complexity of more than two levels, using sophisticated mathematical modeling to process data in complex ways.

With the technology, it mimics the activity of human brain. It operates by making sense of data (images, sound and text). It creates self-learning algorithms that can minimize errors and maximize accuracy with the least human intervention.

Predictive analytics is another sophisticated method to find patters in data and extract relevant insight by application of statistical techniques. It is performed in combination with big data expertise and advance knowledge of business intelligence and machine learning to build the predictive models and interactive real-time reports.

With some of the advance capabilities as elaborated here, it provides large scale business enterprise with solutions that encompasses as follows:

1. Customer lifetime value (LTV) and churn prediction for sales forecasting. As a result: business organizations can reduce costs on the customer acquisition and raise monetisation of each client by >100%.

2. Recommendation engines for cross-selling & up-selling opportunities. As a result: business organizations can grow its sales in case of precise targeting on the particular interests of their customer’s audience.

3. Social monitoring for customer feedback analytics and targeting influencers. As a result: business organizations are able to monitor any information noticed about their business organizations, so they can prevent image or reputation risks and increase their loyalty.

4. Advanced analytics for advertising campaigns connecting marketing data and KPIs. As a result: business organizations can predict which marketing actions and strategies are the most likely to succeed. In short, predictive intelligence drives marketing decisions (for advertising campaigns connecting marketing data and KPIs).

5. Customer segmentation for a better understanding of customer behavior and lead scoring. As a result: business organizations will have a better understanding of their customer’s behavior and lead scoring.

To achieve the desired performances for above business solutions, it comes from strong expertise in software development, product management approaches and teams of data scientist and machine learning and neural network engineers to build and custom the technologies to your business.

The need is covered from AI software development, consulting and other related services to startups, small-, medium-size and large scale companies.

It is made possible by flexible engagement models, customizable and scalable services, affordable development rates and experiences from tens of projects successfully delivered and strict NDA terms.

Demonstration or experiment will be available when proper arrangement is made in advance with the respective business organizations looking to check and test the performances.

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