Video SEO

YouTube SEO

As prominent as YouTube video channel, video is extremely powerful content. Millions of videos are uploaded onto the internet every month. Many internet searchers prefer watching videos to reading text. The trend is growing fast, but unfortunately it may still be underutilized in the world of SEO. Video SEO is the practice of creating metadata with video keywords to best describe what your video is all about to appear relevant and visible in the search results. It would be ideal setup if you can rank videos in both Google and YouTube.

DO YOU KNOW THIS? As pointed out, video will drive 79% of traffic by 2018. This is to indicate the untapped Video SEO opportunity at right. Currently, Video SEO has low competition. If your video can make up some proportion in your overall search engine marketing, your video will show up at about a third of first page on search results, even the video quality may look mediocare.

If your video is very engaging, entertaining, interesting and/or informative, it will bring down bounce rate and extend time on your website significantly. Depending on your preference, people tend to post on YouTube and on own Web page when it is corporate message. Of course, YouTube is the first choice because it is free, easy to upload your video, as viewer you can choose quality of the video depending on your bandwidth and resolutions on your device, and you can embed from your Website. By the way, it is also one of the largest search engines.

In a nutshell, optimizing Video by SEO isn’t very different from doing with text- based contents in your Website. Of course, there is fine line that you need to tread as you move forward. Let us work with you with all the bolts and nuts and nails in making it effective for your reputation. Firstly, tell us is there anything that didn’t work for you? and want to know about video SEO services we provide.

Many of us have become more comfortable learning visually. Delivering information on a product, service or company through video can help to keep your audience’s attention longer and make what you have to say more easily understood.

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