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AWS Managed Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

Amazon Web Services

The basic premise is to offer and support managed services on AWS platform, to improve client’s productiveness, to set the cost under certain conditions, and to tactfully manage IT infrastructure for your digital operations. It will maintain efficiencies and cost by monitoring and administering websites, servers, network, application resources and et cetera.

These are various solutions that will streamline the requirement of IaaS and SaaS for your operations as there are available from major IT and technology vendors you can utilize from by typical process and time contract.

This will also relate to migrating to the cloud and meet the challenges of setup process by appropriating the skills, tools, time to plan and ongoing maintenance. These are where external help will alleviate the matters for implementations and management. By working with the right partner, you will keep the internal resources for business productivities while having the benefits of:

1. Simple IT infrastructure and management.
2. Minimize data loss and maintenance risks.
3. Physical server and upgrades will be unnecessary.
4. Flexibility in scaling bandwidth, storage and ease of access.

By employing the services on AWS, a company will reap the performance, reliability, security, and delivery of these provision from globally known and respected brand like AWS (Amazon Web Services) regardless of the size of the company and budgetary concerns, not to mention the personnel to handle such underlying and critical daily operations.

The scope of the services can be individually selected based on specific technical requirements or by having certain services from this area of services i.e. network, security, and applications, as customised package.

Please feel free to have consultations with us for exploring the amazing infrastructure of the AWS that can handle virtually from individual developer and start-up, to some of the world class companies in the world.

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