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Google AdWords as Pay Per Click Services

Google AdWords Marketing Campaign as Pay Per Click Services

Pay per click services to advertise products and services are available in Indonesia locally. It is known as one of the most effective pull marketing on digital platform. AdWords by Google is the biggest service provider in the world. And, GALASEO is one of the agency supporting such services, based in Jakarta. This is a concept of marketing that was made possible with the rise of internet marketing services. It helps businesses to advertise on Google search engine result page and on any website on automatic execution and scheduling, as determined by search engine robot.

Before you decide to go for online advertising, you need to brainstorm with your team on Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat (SWOT) analysis of your business compared to your competitors. Weigh on advantages and disadvantages of your own business and competitor digitally. It will determine how and what you will implement on your own pace, budget and priorities in light of latest information technology development and the marketplace where you are. What kind of cyber infrastructure is available at this point of time. Then manage your expectation from doing online advertisement. These are four common advertising goals: 1. To increase website visitors (traffic).
2. To increase sales.
3. To increase brand awareness.
4. To increase conversion.

Before implementing this Pay Per Click campaign, we work with each client to inspect, improve, or enhance the landing page of the website. This is to ensure that when your prospects clicks on your ad that lead to your page you intend to promote or whatever goal to achieve from the interaction, you have sufficient, qualified and relevant information to serve your potential leads. Landing pages without elements mentioned here, it will not be able to retain your leads to stay long enough (we refer as high bounce rate), therefore it will not improve their understanding of and attraction and further interaction with products or services.

From Google’s academic point of view, your landing page quality will have these essential features, i.e. Relevant, Original, Transparent, Navigable (and fast). Think ROTN. We understand this as one of the factors that will elevate your ad position compared to other advertiser targetting the same search term(s). And more important, it will help both of us to be charged with lower actual cost to acquire lead and even sales conversion.

There are three key major benefits to advertise by applying Google AdWords campaign. Let’s start with Reach. It refers to means of targetting your potential customers. It is available with functions to target people, location and device dan Google Display Network (GDN) ads. Your ads will be optimized for search terms frequently used by people to search for your products or services at certain location such as country, city, and radius and from what kinds of devices consist of desktop, tablets and smartphones, the search terms are accessed. In terms of GDN, it has global reach of 80% of interner users. With GDN, there is opportunity for your ads to appear on major news websites locally and internationally. You and us can designate which media we aim to get your ads appear.

Once you are in the campaign period, you will not lose control of your budget. You ads will only appear up to the daily budget amount set in advance but may move up and down to certain percentage but in the end of month, it will not exceed the budget amount. For the performance of ads campaign, you will also be eligible to access the analytics report instantly. There is some report to draw from the data. Once compiled, you and us can use to analyze and measure. Then, it will help to increase the effectiveness of campaign.

In short, Google AdWords is one stop system that allows you to arrange your cost of product, expected margin against marketing budget to convert one lead into sales. Different agency will have numerous strategies to implement effective PPC advertising on Google because of the platform’s wide options for arrangement based on internal research and experience to meet client’s business scope. That’s one reason to select the right partner when you start your campaign. Our team of qualified Certified Google AdWords Professionals will provide you effective spend for more targetted traffic to your landing page(s).

AdWords is one strategy to complement other marketing channels. By virtue, AdWords implementation is faster and easier than SEO. However, GALASEO is open and enthusiastic to work on both sides of the search world. It gives us big advantage over other peers in online marketing industry.

If your competitors use Google AdWords, this is the right time to work with search advertising management company and based your advertising campaign on targetted captive market and measurable from analytics dashboard. Don’t waste any opportunity on the table. Contact, plan meeting and discuss with GALASEO without hesitation!

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