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Content Writing Services for SEO

GALASEO’s content writing services put the focus on creating and developing for comfortable and enjoyable user experience. We put our focus on human touch into the content. That it will result with better attention grabbing and of interest to human readers. Putting creativity into content writing should come from relaxed state of mind. The rush of producing content with tight timeline will leave some details behind which may not be available in the early stage. As part of search engine marketing, the planning and execution shall progress at the right momentum and versatility. With the rough content sources constantly available, it will deliver results you would not expect. Professional web content writing will the one of the choices to optimize your digital marketing strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing will get traction from any feature your buying customer will walk through the path of conversion. Content in one part that can be attraction factor to lead them with informed and educational gizmo. This is the very reason there must be strong emphasis on high quality or standard to hold to. Content or article written by SEO professionals is designed to help organizations rank in search for relevant topics.

To consistently engage your audience or buying customer, there are major challenges facing the business organizations and B2B marketers alike. Foremost are time and resources dedicated to this process. It is very understandable from business-wise judgement. Content writing is not the core competence to run a business but it will greatly help business to get the right exposure to bring conversions to regular customers and sales.

Content Writing and Development Services for SEO

At GALASEO, we understand that content writing for website or any digital platform will take into account technical and non-technical aspects such as limitations on characters or letters, layout, keyword insertions that go with the flow of writing, anchor texts, fit into across screen sizes, making it interesting although you make think it is not so, online sentiment and so on. It is a process that well involve getting to know industry knowledge, your business inside and out (your USP, achievement/milestone, events, profiles, etc.). The algorithm update of Google Panda and Penguin make a big difference between low quality and high quality content. The benefits of our good content writing can be summarized as follows:
1. It will create value to your expertise and search-ability of your website or page and for sharing on other platforms.
2. It will drive traffic, whether new and returning and calls to action.
3. You can set in advance how many contents you want to publish in range of time, weekly, monthly or otherwise.
4. Original content as certified by CopyScape.
One-stop access to online news media or other content portals and selective network of blogging sites.

GALASEO offers the writing of web page, article, blog post, press release, business or corporate writing, product or service descriptions which fit each purpose for branding, style and value at the price that can be negotiated on case by case basis. We can also adjust the tone and phrasing that converse well with local audience speaking Bahasa Indonesia. We aspire to be your trusted partner for domestic and global market expansions. Talk to us freely on your issues with our experts!

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