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Branding is array of implementations to define, story-tell, associate with, solidify unique image and perception of your identity. It can take any angle to start from. It can be highlighted from user experience and interaction or customer service or care, pricing, differentiated product or services. They help to story-tell your brand journey. The hottest trend going around is taking your branding online because of the agility of online platform to cater to human senses for visual and sound, kinetic is taking shape with virtual reality (VR) while smell can be part of it in the future. Online branding gives ways to unparalleled possibility to develop the desired depiction.

Internet branding or online branding services are uniquely positioned to serve your branding strategy. It mixes the strength of SEO expertise and media exposure of Public Relations (PR) to create positive perception of your brand. Jakarta-based GALASEO is one bright spot to seek for help in the first place. As online branding services agency, GALASEO, is worthy of your considerations. Listening is the quality you can count on when you openly speak up your needs and challenges. Online branding requires customised set of solutions for each business. You would not want online branding services agency you are working with applying the same formula for each business. GALASEO’s mission is to provide your brand as personal, SME or corporate identity to grow and compete globally.

As one of the GALASEO’s expertise, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nicely blended with branding strategy as both are regarded as science and art. By SEO, GALASEO augments with calculated tactics so that your contents are loved and found to be relevant by search engines for topic you want to deploy around, while branding is working toward satisfying human interest. If you are combining each artistic element such as images, colors, shapes with words, it will complete the whole picture to deliver your message with branding senses. Branding should be hierarchal on top of advertising and promotion. It should dictate the direction of the campaign strategy of advertising and promotion.

By going online branding with GALASEO’s services, it will creatively formulate the right strategy with clients’ objectives in mind. It is made up of corporate or institutional and prominent personal branding. As online branding expert, GALASEO believes personal branding is closely attached to the corporate image. Your clients will always want to know who the people are behind your brand. It is what makes a brand alive and feel connected.

To begin with, GALASEO will conduct thorough analysis and in-depth comprehension of your digital footprint. It is beneficial to find out at the earliest what others converse about your brand-name online. If there are some, they are divided into two, positive and negative perceptions. If they are more positive ones, GALASEO will embark on magnifying the gain with succeeding implementations. If you have not made any online branding, it would be favorable starting point to create ones. GALASEO will guide you on the branding with the right terms, tagline and/or phrases.

The most challenging is existing online negative contents. Client may not realize their existence without purposely making it a focus to target. Some are factual and some others may result from black campaign due to commercial competition. GALASEO has to work on two fronts for this matter. First, it has to work on countering the negative contents so that they will begin sink from search results. Second, it will work on pushing the good, authoritative and relevant contents available when consumers search for your products or services and see your brand in the balanced light. It may set the tone for re-branding yourself to reflect on new paradigm you want to embark from, and for better services towards existing and reach out to new consumers.

Building your online branding with GALASEO SEO services, it will turn your brand into equity. By creating this ideal image online, it will create ensuing results, among others:

1. Having market exposure and influence within your niche and what you are good at.
2. To stay ahead of the competition for attention on the first page of Google searches.
3. To enhance brand recognition back to back on digital platforms.
4. Fostering customer loyalty as they are exposed to your propositions, when they are about to make wise-buying decision.
5. It makes up initial investment with long term existence without a lot less efforts than initiate.

GALASEO works as online branding agency that brings the knowledge of search engine technical behavior and online consumer behavior under its hat to benefit your branding strategy, encouraging you to take the first step by consulting your needs immediately before your competitor do digital marketing. Time and pace are crucial due to nature of digital penetration.

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