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When SEO services are relevant to engage? It comes up as solutions when a company in certain niche industry cannot bring up its official website for relevant searches of its business specialties. It is customized services aiming to build better online presence for targeting online traffic from Google searches. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are available for companies in Melbourne area, but it can be served and maintained from anywhere and in this is particular, SEO services from Jakarta.

It works like magnet to attract the market segment looking for certain commercial product or service. The maximum exposure exists from top ranking to the tenth ranking website on Google page. Upper fold is holding the most attention and slide down in percentage to the bottom, or lower fold. However, it is already a remarkable achievement considering how much more following pages competing to push to the premium online estate.

Many websites are under-performing, which means it does not possess unique quality that makes it deserving to be ranked on the first page. To fix that, it needs to start with good content that can engage with the audience for solutions of the problem. The content needs to answer to the search intent of the users.

Content Marketing Strategy

Take for example the company profile, it can be packed as article, video presentation, and voice and put up on many websites which provide the feature to do so. Everybody knows the online directories, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, social media and so on.

They are platforms of its kind and many more that can be utilized to promote a business. It takes time to execute each of them and it will not be efficient for company to run the business while keeping up with these things which are not the primary activities. SEO services are the party in-between that can work alongside to ensure that content marketing properly executed.

SEO services are about keeping up with the market queries. It varies by a lot of factors that make up the ranking position among similar content or context. Professional SEO expert knows how to optimize the factors to take advantage position from the competition. Building brand and credibility are shaping in the process. If it is well presented in the human senses (visual, logic, and physiologically), it will gain the trust of the audience.

GALASEO: Building Up Relevancy with Right Context

GALASEO is taking the step to offer SEO services for Melbourne from Jakarta, Indonesia with the ideal thinking that it may give some affordability in getting the results from similar SEO services, to help you get the organic traffic.

Search competition is big factor in how to allocate the budget for taking these SEO Services into contractual agreement. First thing is to ensure the website itself complies with Google’s guidelines therefore it is search engine friendly. Then it comes with the keyword research and online competition analysis. Number of keywords and level of competition from each keyword, will affect the budget allocation as it takes more resources and man-hour to perform from time to time in respect of content generation.

As it is well aware of here in Indonesia and Australia, SEO takes time to bring positive ranking from one to other website, so a contract of 12-month is the standard period to engage together as it takes time to rank from first 3 months to over 6 months. Payment allocation is split into down payment and payment upon achievement of KPI (KPI-based SEO). SEO Services Melbourne, Australia plan is laid out by discussion prior to engagement, to understand the business online challenges together and how SEO services by GALASEO will target with skills and time available and report back frequently when there is progress and issues to tackle on the journey.

Working on SEO with GALASEO from Jakarta is to bring the complexity and tedious process out of the business on building its search presence.

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