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This is one optimization strategy for digital marketing service in Indonesia. Mobile search engine market is dominated by Google in the world by holding more than 81% share according to NetMarketShare site in 2019 from the past year.

Indonesia as the biggest market in Southeast Asia holds much higher percentage of mobile search engine market shares by 98% belongs to Google. This is made possible due to accessibility to Chrome on mobile devices, while its Android operating system is also installed in majority of them and Google’s efforts to go with mobile-first indexing.

SEO for mobile marketing is a topic that is not so new, however there are ongoing changes and development supported by innovative technologies that help to improve the experience through mobile access. It is always good idea to spread the insights whenever possible from agency as services vendor.

In the context of Indonesia, mobile device ownership is 193 million units this year. However, up to about 77 millions of the ownership belongs to smartphones, which see strong sales in urban centers like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar, Medan, Semarang and way to regency cities. Therefore 2G and 3G connections are still making up the population of users that have access to internet.

The elements of UX design and website or page load speed, and other factors for optimization with SEO mobile for users on smartphones and tablets are important propositions.

Mobile-friendly access from Search Engine

As Google rolled out update for mobile-friendly search results, as SEO mobile marketing practitioner, it is time to understand which factors are considered elements within it. First thing is the information is convenient for users to access and read from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It means the content is easily readable without tapping or zooming. When a company’s website is built on two versions, i.e. mobile and desktop, Google will serve mobile over desktop version. The WordPress as one of the popular CMS in the world to build websites has already accommodated to this need.

WordPress also integrates responsive design which makes it satisfying solutions for making the page layout and content will display according to each or individual mobile device. By those approaches, it reduces the necessity to create separate URL, different HTML and mobile and desktop versions. These may cause redirect, duplicate content issues.

Good note is that your mobile and desktop versions should display the content users can see the same.

For these mobile purposes, Google provides some resources to check on these factors from Search Console accessible by webmaster from time to time. It provides quality checks for mobile usability test, Google Index for blocked resources, fetch as Google will help you to see how Google actually sees your page.

As the attention span on mobile is short, loading speed is important metric to hold users to your website. Therefore, video and animated content can be embedded from own YouTube channel or use of HTML5 which is also available from WordPress.

Social share buttons on page is nice to have to increase the chance of content shares.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is also part of Google technology to improve UX as it increases simpler version of webpages to load quickly on mobile devices. In SERP, it gets higher ranking non-AMP site. The application of AMP will need to consider the benefits and limitations for particular line of business.

GALASEO provides SEO mobile marketing services in Jakarta, Indonesia as far vision initiatives to stay relevant with any factors that will boost SEO ranking and impression strategy for business.

The complication of mobile website will be made simple and practical with the right SEO partner. It shall start from providing the benefits for the end-users. Digital marketing service: Business to Business SEO Services Indonesia

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