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Business has the best interest to go online with SEO services will sound pretty tempting to elaborate further. For a number of good reasons, it is crucial part of online marketing strategy to serve with better understandings and considerations when the objective is to build strategic business to business interactions.

Search engine like Google is for the best possible, search and find knowledge tool and information base most working people will point to when there is need to source from other business entities in product manufacture, supply, delivery, consultation and other variable and support in industrial and business scale.

The layers of actual engagements may flow from small and medium enterprises to big enterprises as supply chain and production. Big brands such as Apple and Samsung are sourcing their parts from smaller business entities.

Building and running business website with SEO friendliness is not a pain anymore provided the respective company know the right web design company backed up by solid understanding of SEO behind and within the display.

Business to business is a working model of exchanging products and services. In today’s globalized and connected world in time and space, the service and product can be sourced between companies half the globe. It is a well know fact that Google search market share is over 90% in the world. There is always a high chance people in the business conduct some research on the platform.

The growth of Indonesian small and medium enterprises has shown promising trend. The government data shows that SMEs grew by 1.56% in 2014, 3.1% in 2016, 4% in 2018 and is expected to grow to 5% in 2019. The goal to achieve is that 5% of the Indonesian population will engage in SME ecosystem.

The other good sign is that almost half of the SMEs surveyed consider technology is one segment to invest into for business performance. Thanks to ecommerce and marketplace such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shoppee, Warung Pintar, people in SMEs gets first-hand experience with online business environment.

The literacy of SEO as the solutions to promote commercial websites for business to business in the case of Indonesia may be considered providing room for a lot of improvements. Startup and SME will both benefit from building brand, awareness and market penetration through search results. SEO will help to accelerate the pace while maintain the budget as targeting and segmenting shift from period to period.

The comparison of online search competition between business to business and business to consumer is case by case basis. B2B is considered less crowded than B2C but not less intense. The other challenge is search volume is much smaller. However, the conclusion will be drawn from actual analysis and existing competition at the time. As the users doing the searches may be professionals, the search intents are different kind of keywords. These can be like “HR software”, “AI marketing solutions”, “ERP consultant”, “lab equipment”, “weighbridge manufacture”.

SEO practitioners from business to business optimization need to optimize the website and pages to provide answers to different professional positions. It may be optimized for manager, shareholder, chief executives and even staff members.

Business to business tends to be long term investment, high value or complex product or service, therefore the buying decisions will go through different channels or levels within the company.

When a business visibility has been wide through brand, it can engage SEO services to build omni-channel presence and branding to augment the brand for different queries. SEO also works well to build from branding to brand recognition. That is the beauty of conducting SEO with agility.

GALASEO can work out the plan for business to business (B2B) website for its purpose and goal. This will translate into feature and content in the website and alignment with optimization beyond website.

Taking into accounts the internal resources to build the digital assets from scratch or utilization of existing property, they all are integrated to bring consistency and projecting corporate image, building authority by expertise and quality in the niche industry.

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