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With this digital transformation era, website maintenance is one crucial part of web management by staying up to date with new innovation for website. If the website as business tool for marketing and promotion and interaction and engagement does not function properly, it will be equivalent of not having website. Therefore, there has to be solutions to address the needs to the possible extent.

Assigning website maintenance and support services to third party provider will save you for efficiency, expert handling and practical to execute, while cost depends on whether it is standard or customization in the service package or quote.

Stay Put or Keep Up with the Trend

To operate website for business or corporate purposes will require frequent, if not constant and unique treatment at higher standards. There are some aspects that need care and attention to detail such as design and basic function to serve its existence. Business speaks about differentiation and competitive landscape in the niche or industry.

For user experience, it has to have smooth and easy browsing, quality content to garner attention and feed the curiosity and that it adheres to principle of content is king and consumer is also king, as it is popularly referred to out there.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that content upload and optimization, like SEO, can be executed by team members which are not necessarily to have IT or technical background. The design and dashboard panel need to be setup to be convenient and easy to work with for working with image, video and text. Mobile first design means that visual display and presentation should be adaptive to screen size and load speed for devices such mobile phones and tablets which comes with certain range of specifications. Mobile device technology has advanced so much that its performances continue to catch up with laptop.

Navigation is important element as it defines how menu or specific icon will be placed either horizontally or vertically. For big screen horizontal positioning will be ideal as it has room to show across. However, it is best placed vertically for smaller screen or display. It is quite common to see the small three horizontal bars on the upper right as navigation icon. Video is the latest trend for content consumption. Will be it easy and practical to embed video to the website? What is special effect by design aesthetically will attract and immerse the readers? This may relate to slider, banner either static or pop-up.

Integration with third-party’s contents often times is necessary. Business is about collaboration or joint program. It needs to integrate with landing page, sign-up form, quizzes, social media plugin, payment gateway integration and et cetera.

Switching between hosting server for different considerations may also present headache. It may face technical hurdles due to software and hardware incompatibilities. Budget may not be a concern when the website contains feature that may not be needed and can be removed.

Update by Contracting Website Developer

Website update and support services will provide the professional expertise to identify the issues at its core and communicate what pre-existing problems and what needs to be adjusted or changed.

Based in Jakarta, it serves clients beyond the physical geo-location. After all, it is the website that matters and it is accessible from any access point. Discussion and coordination can be done with internet communication. It will help to make it easy and convenient to keep up with the trend. Website needs to be fresh and vibrant. There is always room for improvements with best practices and new technology.

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