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Web-Based Application Development

Web-based application can be the potential to leverage a business on automation and digitalization for any aspect of the operations and engagements with consumers. It has advantages to ponder in these increasingly connected local community and global market.

What is web-based application?

To start with the basic understanding, web-based application is the utilization of any program that can be accessed over internet connection, rather than installing it inside a device. The process runs inside the web browser. It is also known as web apps. Some portion of the application can also be run as client-based, so download of the program to user’s laptop or mobile unit is necessary.

Which Program Runs with Web Application?

The program can be built based on simplicity. There are many programs that have been developed to run on web browser, such as games, online calculator, employee attendance and many more. While it can also accommodate the complexity of word processor and spreadsheet applications, online banking, retail inventory and sales, auctions and webmail.

Web-based application features functionality that is similar to desktop software, or even to a mobile app. HTML5 provides language support for making the application loaded as web page while the data is stored locally and can also function while offline. Wikipedia further mentions the evolution of mobile web application, which aim to jump on increased use of mobile devices from development of web-based application.

The current technology that opens the possibility includes responsive web design, for starter. It works well on various small screens with touchscreen to a conventional website and single-page application.

Progressive web application (PWA) is making intrusion into the market as software development methodology that integrates website as we know it and mobile or desktop application. In short, PWA is further advancement of web-based application that complements optimum mobile experience. Native or mobile apps has been around for several years with extensive use of mobile devices or phones, which are written in Java for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS.

However, with the ever-growing number of native or mobile apps for downloads into mobile devices, it is imaginable how many native or mobile apps each user will happily install into their mobile phones. It is simple that needs way out to solve the bottleneck with storage and performance when there are many applications to run on a mobile device.

For these mere reasons, there are many corporations on local and global levels that make the decision to apply the PWA technology, to ensure they can serve the users, or in other words, to maintain a healthy churn rate. With web page, it is similarly identified as bounce rate.

What is the Value Chain of Management of this Technology?

The extensive web-based application in the current development is meant to improve the value chain in serving the customers. That’s why it is important to hold on to this value chain management in your IT department. It means making every effort to ensure that the users will spend less effort on their part to enjoy the application. As mentioned above, it sets aside the requirement to install the application into device, therefore it eliminates the hesitation of the potential users from using it. The features and user experience remain well.

Mobile or web-based applications are meant to maintain good loading speed of each page of the app. Modern human attention span is getting shorter. Google as the big developer of search engine advises to keep it under 3 seconds. He or she can swiftly switch to other options of applications. As some of the functions can be stored in device, the application is capable of functioning with unstable network, or it is off from network. This is similar to the common term referred as cache.

Responsiveness of the application is delicate treatment of who develops it in the first place. When the developer builds on the codes, it translates into perception of “fast” with the application. Good and experienced developer will take into the codes the meaning of effective and efficient literally. Close engagement of the users with the applications is very crucial. The user needs to be satisfied on the experience that will not the different in the usage, that they hardly notice he/she is actually using web-based application or PWA rather than native apps.

Google is the technology company that has much done the research and development with PWA technology.

Important Impacts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As it is accessible from web browser, it means the application should command a good aspect of SEO approach. As the dominant use of mobile devices is apparent in today’s society, where everyone will have at least one mobile phone, as part of their everyday use for information, communication and shopping, it is invaluable proposition to create web-based application or PWA as the strategy for install or download. It is accessible both on mobile and desktop. Therefore, mobile-first approach as Google advocates for user experience becomes reality.

The approach with web-based application will translate into cost saving almost 2/3 from developing the native apps. This number will depend on many factors involved and how well the developer is at his/her work. As it is a function on webpage of a website, it is readily available to be optimised with SEO. Apart from advertising the app in the Play Store and App Store and other advertising networks, it is an inherent opportunity to rank it high and prominently on Google search results.

Web-based application with latest roars of PWA needs more tractions to gain popularity, but it presents more benefits for securing the future with application and website as one platform, dismissing the need to develop both separately. The testament is its use by global and national brands. If it is good footstep to follow, then this is the reasons to see into its potential. When you need more thought into this technology, GALASEO will provide additional information at no extra effort.

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