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Search engine reputation management agency or SERM agency is professional boutique services, such as GALASEO in Jakarta, Indonesia to attend to your brand reputation on the digital platform, to conserve the goodwill you have built laboriously and/or to build up new brand from base, to manage the expectation and perception.

In today’s busy and connected world, people tend to check for reference of competence, quality, professional level of services or anything matters to them, by doing online search, checking on articles, reviews, comments, and ratings. Some people might check with their immediate circle to find out credible reference. But for much wider audience, online references are conveniently accessible from anywhere and anytime. Aside from those professionally related reputation, it will also come from personal persona of key person. The reputation will also be affected when the Google search provides results of a string of negative contents about your key person’s unintended bad attitude, candid comments and they precede your positive contents. And there are times when those articles, reviews, comments, and ratings are outdated but still hang around on first page search. So online reputation has a lot to do with what you are known about uppermost.

Online brand perception is quite volatile today when numerous contents are flooding the various Websites for different purposes and perspectives. Search engine robot crawler will index pages of any Websites based on sets of algorithms to pick up and display the most relevant ones. When certain topic of many Websites mention your brand or name in conjunction with certain keywords and contextual and semantic phrases, the most referred content will appear on top searches. It will be a blessing if it is positive association. It means you manage to grow your reputation organically by participation of other parties. However, it will slide down your brand when it is negative association. These are the conditions to exercise brand damage control. And it is what is needed to deal with by engaging search engine reputation management services.

Search engine reputation management strategy comprises of integrated and diversified approaches. One strategy shall augment or support other strategy. As much as SEO is concerned, dominating the plots on SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) involves creating quality impact from multichannel starting points. It includes social media management (SMM), Digital public relations (PR), content marketing, profile creation dan SEO blueprint. SEO for PR will boost content on other authority sites and grow quality backlinks. When it is feasible and reasonable, contacting the Website owners or administrators containing the negative information will be an option to establish connection and request the removal.

Among the various channels, a brand owner must ensure it optimizes its media channel where it has full control. This is particularly related to website, in addition to social media accounts. These digital assets can be powerful tool to rank high on organic results, therefore they can dispel any other sites or webpage to rank lower on following page. Please bear in mind of what has been said above, search engine algorithm will fill the void in relevancy if your digital medium are not updated with your own content. It is also your advantage when other people respond to you directly on your own website or social media accounts, you will have full control on how to deal with them. Website design and development backed by SEO expertise will help ensure that you can establish positive online pre-sense with relevant exposure and search-ability.

Building online reputation has long term benefit for brand. For good reputation to last, it takes commitment to follow through all the steps required ranging from three months to more than 1 year on case by case. Yet this timeline is relatively shorter compared to traditional media. This is a period of paradigm shift for PR (Public Relation) or any kind of communication services.

Google Alerts is one of many great tools to monitor any signal of your brand or name appear on any web page. SocialMention and SocialBakers are just two examples of tools you can utilize to monitor different social media channels to track any issue before it ranks on branded SERPs. It is strongly suggested to set alert system for your brand, product/service names, key personnel, to anticipate and respond at early stage any negative feedback.

When you speak to us, we will sit together to analyze and identify any existing digital issue related to your brand and key persons and potential requirement to have presence on certain online platform. Varying level of service depends customarily on your need. We will help you when there is genuine and positive values to add to your brand reputation and perception. We are ready to help with addressing negative press when there is online PR crisis. GALASEO is based in Jakarta and will work closely with business partners to ensure alignment of reputation management services with business requirements.

Unfortunately, your reputation often rests not on your ability to do what you say, but rather on your ability to do what people expect.

– Bryant H. McGill

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