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Press Release Distribution Services

Press release distribution has been well-known part of the public relations campaign ever since the presence of news media. It is intended to serve the message across a number of media and mass audience and expect to raise attention of the audience and awareness to the company and brand.

Press Release and Search Engines

The visibility comes from the number of readership with each media. And the credibility comes along as news media is the source of information with authority. This will provide better chance to be searchable on the search engines.

Search engines are the major platforms people will look up to for any information. By typing organic, brand, and other types of keywords, it will list out the information with the most relevant and close to intention of the users at the top and all the way to hundreds of pages and beyond. For news sites, Google provides news channel to narrow the searches for news only. Press release distribution services are the mid process. Prior activity will involve the content preparation of the press release. The content itself needs to be optimized with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, right from title to the end of the content. The content optimization is geared towards searches on Google. But press release on news media will also appear on Bing. In today’s updates with search engine algorithms, it is important to ensure that your press release does not cause duplicate content issue. This may hamper your press release visibility and searchability on search engines.

Delivery Process

With a variety of online news media in the network, the distribution of press release will cover from new product or service launch, management or executive introduction, social or community outreach program (CSR), and marketing program. Virtually any organizations can benefit from press release distribution.

This will help coordinate the whole process under one roof, to engage with credible journalists and fulfill the needs for photos, logos, video and other stuffs. Most news media covers various sectors, from business to life style and some other serious topics. So there are fewer headaches on targeting the specific audience as it is inherent with respective media.

But it is good to target news media on specific geography, provided it has good number of local audiences compared to other news media. Sometimes it happens that certain media may not be available to publish the press release for a number of reasons and this is part of the process to seek alternative media. Therefore, it is more convenient to be coordinated by press release distribution services as another plus point.

The press release can be arranged into not just into Bahasa Indonesia, but it can be tailored for English, Mandarin for regional and international outreach. It is also ideal to distribute the press release to trade, niche and professional websites when it fits for related industries and audience. This is a customized approach as there many such websites out there. They are lesser known to the general readers, but may be important for its authority.

Permanent Visibility

Once the press release is published on various news media, this will provide the brand or company with permanent visibility on searches. If it is published on major news media, there is always possibility smaller news media will pick up the content and published it as well.

Regular press release distribution by period or any other attribution will help the brand, company or organization build better standing on searches over long period. Once the distribution of press release is completed, the links on various news media will be provided thereafter.

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