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Practical SEO Process by Professionals

SEO is an optimization process that covers various aspects. According to professional SEO practitioners, there are more than 200 factors that determine whether a website or page can perform well in Google’s search engine results (SERP). The factors will only increase with the advances in machine learning and internet of things.

SEO Process Exists to Serve and Rank Well

Experience and observation will greatly help to avoid factors that are not beneficial in quality and quantity, to increase visibility and are easily found through search engines like Google and Bing. In the end, the “best practices” that have been done so far, will be the basics for doing professional SEO optimization. The first factor that is important to note is the structure of the website itself. Websites that are built on the WordPress platform are the best choices at this time to take maximum advantage of the availability of features to do SEO work. SEO technical factors required are “inherent” in high degree or already available.

Manual work includes titles, meta data, meta titles, meta descriptions, and H1 – H3, create a sitemap. Keyword research and content development has been made readily in prior SEO process. The design can still get a touch graphically and artistically as needed. What is considered from the aspect of SEO are things that can cause page speed to go down when accessed by users. As may be recommended, to replace the existing website platforms with WordPress as one CMS to facilitate updating by more people in the team or company, while technical factors need not to be overly concerned. That is the advantage of building the website with WordPress.

Internal linking will also need optimization so that competition does not occur between the pages on the website in terms of ranking on Google search, and to strengthen the authority of the page that needs to be displayed on the search page. Based on the experience of working on SEO without fixing the inhibiting factors that exist on the website, it will make it difficult to do SEO on external factors, especially in niche of high competition business. All aspects must be maximized in its potential.

Off-page for Positive Signals with Authority and Relevancy

Off-page SEO is a manual job that must be done from time to time, to provide SEO benefits to the website as follows: 1. Signal from third-party websites that this website is relevant and quality for targeted keywords and topics. This third-party website has good authority in the eyes of Google and is not “spammy” in terms of information displayed on each website itself.
2. Look for third-party websites that can provide natural backlinks to the website in the form of anchor text. At a minimum can display the URL domain.
3. Provide relevant information for anyone who discovers the third-party website, so that it is also a separate promotion for the business concerned.

This backlink process takes time and observation. A good backlink is a backlink obtained by the approval process from the web admin, with the best assumption that the quality of the website is maintained over time. Or, a third-party website that is well managed by the admin so that it is always up to date.

Getting backlinks from the website not only with the .com extension, it can also from .net, .org, .edu and so forth. Relevancy and niche is top priority, but differing websites are always in the lookout from time to time. Always be equipped to create unique content (no copy and paste) for each website to attach a profile and description. Boring niche or industry is always a challenge, but it is also very good opportunity to build information that people out there are hungry for.

Ideally, it is good to scout for a website that provides DoFollow backlinks, but it does not become a benchmark because NoFollow can get URL links as well as DoFollow, obviously this is one way of diversification. In addition, Google itself is very dynamic, there will always be a change in ranking algorithms from time to time based on the data that goes into its database as well as system updates to provide quality information on ranking for search results.

Thus, what is done with manual link building is also a process that takes time to yield its impact, for websites that exist on the internet generally. The websites must also be accessible and indexed by Google to its search page. An extreme example is news sites that have been registered with Google, will quickly get rankings and indexes that are fast, it can be a matter of minutes and seconds, because it has been verified as a reliable source of information.

Right Objective and Targeting with Keywords and LSI

As briefly mentioned above, the selected keywords are based on the consideration of relevance and suitability to the main business of each company and have a search volume. Briefly, LSI which stands for Latent Semantic Indexing is natural language processing that will analyze set of documents and the keywords and terms contained in them. It is complex and difficult process by computing machines, therefore, SEO practitioners need to bring the whole concept closer and easier for the machines.

Each keyword has its own competition, which can be checked by itself on Google search, seen from different search results and each requires optimization. Based on estimates, the most difficult to get ranked on the first page of Google sequentially as examples are the retail products websites, then travel and hotel websites, then finance and insurance. This can be seen from the active players who are already on the first page for their respective businesses, especially if the ranking within 1-10 is a company website that sells and provides related services and other sites that have high authority in the eyes of Google.

Holistic SEO Procurement

SEO process can be put into package that will determine the scope of work and how it can be coordinated and complement each other holistically. Pricing largely comes from the analysis of the keyword, niche and online competitions at that point of time.

If there is need for website redesign and redevelopment, it will be right time to put everything in planning that will include SEO process as the latter portion.

For SEO, it is always crucial to rely on quality, not just quantity, so the results achieved can last longer in the face of competition out there. In addition, working by prioritizing quality will usually overcome those based only on quantity, it is more effective and efficient.

The expectation of mutualism in achievement for SEO professional and brand or company is that we are not tired of working with SEO process while the website can rank well. With SEO process, it only asks for the freedom of time during the contract to do everything that needs to be done, while on the other hand, there are costs that are directly proportional to the achievement of SEO works.

Achievement on objectives will render the payment to be fair business proposition. Before it happens that there is an SEO process that must be carried out to reach in that direction.

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