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Online Marketing Strategy the Right Game


The total area breadth of Indonesia and a population distribution so large, it is a population also followed by the growth of Internet users going very strongly in large urbanized cities. Like Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar down to the districts. Amazing potential, large enterprises have ogled online businesses that seek to dominate the world class internet marketing in this archipelago. Within their online marketing strategy involves a lot of people, ranging from Web designers, Webmasters and SEO Consultant with a strong understanding of web analytics, internet marketing expertise to gradually replenish conventional advertising, and the goal remains one, get Website visitors (unique visitors) by large numbers and growing. Firstly determining the right target, then later on the inner working and display of site, business portal is poised to dominate the competition. Next actualization, they will do monetization, to bring in Rupiah favorably, which is very important for a business owner.

Here they are starting from particular online stores as well as online mall to e-commerce platforms, like, and following the acquisition and merger named belonged to a Polish business group,,, commercial trade Lazada and Zalora coming from Germany, Rakuten of Japan and whole of lot of others. And, as further as the largest online forum Kaskus acquired by Djarum, which also owns local sites such as Blibli as entity.

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” ~ Jill Whalen

Facts from above shows, online marketing is something that is very promising for investors, apt to reach a wider market effectively, bring much Web visitors to increase product sales or turnover significantly. For the business owner who has not yet started, the right time is now, to move with the right online marketing strategy. With relatively low to high degree of investment, business or promotion you can work on for non-stop 24 hours a day pursuance from retail businesses, wholesale businesses and distribute the product by the merchant nationally, regionally and even for the global market.

In order for online marketing to get done well, it takes the right online marketing strategy, effective marketing content, digital products and services according to the needs and responsive to consumers, to introduce a new product strategy. As the practitioners of internet marketing that are almost 100% rely on the online world to do business, herewith we share tips to conduct online marketing activities in a systematic manner. Internet marketing success is determined by an appropriate research using appropriate tool or channel and this can be done well by the provider of online promotional services. There are some very important parts, we refer the online marketing strategy as the right game play.

Many of SEO services in Jakarta are run by professional internet marketers, one of them is seasoned as marketing consultant by the names of Charlie M. Sianipar, Tandil Wijaya, and Ryan Kristomuljono. The first task by us to you is to optimize your website to appear on the first page of search sites google, yahoo, bing, the top 10. It is best position that attest to be marketing online for 24 hours, getting the visitors of potential prospects, increase sales turnover. To improve the degraded position of the wrong web optimization as well as offering online marketing business collaboration for products and services at low cost, or otherwise known as business partnership. You can discuss and determine which business model that is best suited to mutually beneficial. It may not necessary be based solely on clientele relationship.

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