Media Monitoring


How excited, or perhaps anxious are you to track your media signals?

The emergence of new media has spawned some fuzziness as to what extent you should track media signals concerning you, as public figure, your circles of followers, company, brand(s), competitor(s) and industry. All content in text, visual, videos will just take seconds to upload and circulate around the net. Some may land on mainstream media, some social media and some on less popular net media.

In essence, all those signals are indications of you, your products or services perceived by the online society. You may have heard the term, sentiment which is rather irrational as it involves the human emotion. So on the scale, your sentiment can lean between two extremes, either negative or positive. Just as in stock market, positive sentiment will signal optimism, while negative sentiment may signal pessimism. This will give better understanding of your audience. All of this monitoring is conducted on public online media and shall comply with all the regulations of each territory/region where the monitoring covers.

By looking into this analytics tool,
what are the benefits?


1. To expand the market.
2. To give control on growing issues.
3. To implement better strategy.
4. To acquire the parameter to establish the image or impression on society.
5. To monitor public policy.
6. To gain some feedback from social media efforts.


Who can help, How to implement?

GalaSEO’s Online Media Monitoring Service is supported by latest online media monitoring software, developed with and from your insights, to create best customized features to be aligned with your existing system’s funnel and you have the control from the comfort of dashboard. The software will collect real-time data for you all around the clock. This service is complement to online reputation management, mainly for exposures in Google search engine.

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