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How great are you on Google? We have been told over and over, we have to be mindful of what we say, we post, we comment, we associate with on social media, news media, and other online platforms, but we as users have the liberty and discretion to express our opinions, ideas, thoughts. How about other individuals, crowds, groups. Everybody is on the same playing field, Let’s talk about Online Reputation Management (ORM)

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Citing the phenomena from Wikipedia on Reputation Management:
The concept was initially intended to broaden public relations outside of media relations. Academic studies have identified it as a driving force behind Fortune 500 corporate public relations since the beginning of the 21st century. As the Internet and social media became more popular, the meaning has shifted to focus on electronic communities, such as review sites, social media and—most prominently—the top search results on a brand or individual.

Digital media is coming into every aspect of our lives as we are more connected more than ever. We witness in the news whether smartphones, portable and household electronic devices will be more available for any body to unleash any content at ease.

How prepared are you? Are you public figures, business organizations and brand owners, or any other professionals?

We are here for you to monitor and manage your online reputation? Initially, we will have discussions and we will walk with you through any aspect of your past and current online reputation management (ORM) services in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We incorporate cross sections of white-label strategies and techniques ranging from simple way to very complicated one to manage a negative reputation in cyberspace (cyber PR services), even to sink it to the bottom by applying search engine optimization, SEO Services by the expert.

1. Let us help you make a good impression when someone Googles you
2. Let us help you improve your online reputation before you improve sales
3. Let us help you keep a positive impression

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