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What is the most important about Local Search? Location, location, location, location, location.
Days are gone when consumers find local businesses in print media like yellow pages. It is a fact you may well know yourself.Local search optimization is becoming increasingly important and relevant particularly in the last few years as people are getting used to using smart phones to look for local products or services in the nearby area and Google put emphasis on this search query by putting at top page the search results whenever someone types certain keywords for local services. The map of the location will show up from the geographical data drawn from Google Maps. It may even allow you to get real view of the location with the help of Google Street View.

Local search result will be heavily influenced by searcher’s current location. This so-called map feature is widely available on mobile and tablets search result, so this local search optimization will achieve better effectiveness. Schema markup will help you with rich media to provide a more enticing proposition to potential customers. This is important element to ensure that your contact detail format is search engine friendly and displayed correctly.

There is consistent effort put into submission of your information to achieve the highest possible position in the map result, such as local NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) citations, local reviews and Google’s My Business signals. And, there are some applicable local on-page and link building SEO strategies which is quite similar to conventional SEO tactics. With local search optimization service, we are working on your website to be more local friendly. The only difference is that the type of links you’ll want to focus on will be a lot different.

Make sure your business is already on local digital map when people look for the type of service or product you have! Call our local experts!

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