Link Building


Link building is an artistic approach of how your Website will grow in popularity by value, trust and relevancy. As mentioned in off-page SEO, you can not do this on your own. It is the search engine’s complex algorithmic analysis and other authoritive and trusted Website which will determine whether your Website will garner attention.

Please don’t think of this as popularity contest where you put effort to get links from everywhere no matter whatever the link profile comes from. From observation, this is what the general public do. The most common people use to get link is “click here” as anchor text. To give you clarity, anchor text is one or two keywords assigned by you or webmaster that when you click on will lead you to another relevant page.

“If you have sufficient PageRank and you regularly publish new content – yes, Googlebot will return frequently to your site to crawl your articles, which will then be indexed. But if you just have plenty of content – even if you publish 5 new unique, original articles a day – Google doesn’t care. No one hears your tree falling…” – Gab Goldenberg

Your links may signal how popular your Website or page globally, locally or topic-specific. Therefore, it is your interest to understand many up-to-date factors from search engine’s algorithmic perspective how they impact external marketing and link acquisition best practices. Your linking can be your PR (Public Relations) when authoritive, high ranking domain pointing at your webpage and they mention something positive and become a reference. This will put trust on your prospective visitors to interact and transact with you. It would be ideal if you can get links from government, education and non-profit organization Websites. Hint: the more diverse quality links, the more favorable.

Link building is a challenging process because we are not in a controlled environment and it is a very dynamics process. Like current trend, getting social sharing from your link can boost your visibility exponentially. Everybody with good Website content will expect it can go into viral. No two link building campaigns are the same. Our link building services are based on your needs and goals. By SEO methods, we can help you discover links including your competitor’s backlinks. As you discuss with us, you need to tell us specifically your ongoing and planned marketing activity. In our practices, we adopt long term link-building activities which will help build mutually beneficial relationship. We focus on natural link-buildings.

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