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Google Penalty Recovery and Repair Service Indonesia

SEO Penalty Recovery and Repair Service Jakarta

Website visibility is not more apparent than appearing on Google search results. By typing on the website URL inside search box, it will reveal whether a website is indexed properly. Overdose or poor SEO will cause a website to disappear entirely from searches. Google penalty recovery and repair services by GALASEO are provided for proven solutions.

It is known as Google sandbox for entire website disappearance from search results. This is painful fact when the website operates for business generation. Bad SEO practices and unrealized failures to adhere to Google best practices can be the root cause of the problems.

Often times, lost of rankings will be the signs of Google penalty towards website. It may have occurred due to keyword stuffing, duplicate contents, anchor text, hidden text, pop-up banners, URL masking or forwarding, structured data mistakes and so on.

As Google gears towards improvement in every aspect of its search experience for better, it is inevitable that any unethical and disguised practices to game the algorithms will end up with penalty. In the past, Google Panda and Google Penguin are two major enhancements to subdue practices aiming to rank on Google without respect to users’ experience.

Google Panda is major efforts to clean up SERPs from low quality websites. They are many examples that remain relevant until today. Duplicate contents used to be issues as people just copy and paste good contents from other websites for the sake to populate own website and to be detected as “actively updated”. Excessive display banner is also bad for users’ experience as it creates little value out of content itself.

Google Penguin relates to bad backlinking practices. They are many types of link schemes considered unnatural based on Google algorithms. Many of these linking strategies may have been done through SEO. Link exchanges and paid links are quite obvious as the culprits.

GALASEO has experience in correcting the problems. The breadth of the issue will be assessed from website audit. The process may take time from one to four weeks depending on the number of pages the website contains.

Disavow links is also part of the treatment. When you have many unnatural links, they have to be removed from linking to website. If it remains, it will be burden on lifting up website and page authority. It is one of the challenges with link removal from third party websites as we cannot predict the responses from respective website administrators, it is poorly maintained or inactive.

The penalty assessment will give clients in-depth analysis into the site and see what factors that have resulted with penalty and recommend the plan to repair and recover from the situation.

In the end, GALASEO as SEO expert will submit the website to Google for reconsideration. Discuss with GALASEO experts for manual and algorithm penalties. Let us share with you the early findings and see for yourself the impacts.

For more information about SEO penalty recovery and repair service, please make contacts with Charlie M. Sianipar, SEO master Indonesia, or Tandil Wijaya, we are ready to help you.

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