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Digital Footprint Management

Digital footprint is quite abstract terminology for common people. By footprint means you leave some traces on the places where you have been all around and it may be left by any individual doing activities on the internet. These days, there are sorts of activities people will regularly do from having conversations to personal entertainment and work purposes.

From technical perspective, most of the people’s personal data have been made into digital database since they are born. Public and private sectors will store any data on servers whether it is on premise or on external resources. Information on physical medium will be less available by time progress. Heavy use of social platforms will certainly put affronts some of the personal information, preference and discussion and much more.

When does this digital footprint play its significance?

This digital footprint will have some impact in terms of prospective opportunities either for person or business or corporate organization. For most people, employment or career prospect will be key for moving up the social ladder, while for business or prospective organization; it matters to land or close deal with business partner and to generate sales from customers or consumers.

When the digital footprint is positive, it will help to amplify the chance for meeting your goal or objective. In today’s age of digital media, anybody can browse instantly for available information. However, due to different level of awareness for information accuracy or validity, the information may be taken lightly. One of the reasons may be due to fact with attention spans. As quoted by sources, 8-second attention span is the average of American audiences. Considering so many online channels to stroll around, people may only read on the visible information on the display. The behavior may ring relevant when it is referring to Google search as the preferred choice for all information. Google’s machine learning infrastructure crawls and indexes all kind of data around the clock from every corner of the globe and the information is presented on the pages of diverse links.

These Google search results are one of many types of digital footprint people will see as a reference. It is interesting to quote search engine statistics 2018 from It is a reminder that the number of people using internet search engine is increasing year on year. It mentions as follows: “in 1999 it took Google one month to crawl and index 50 million pages, however in 2012 it took less than one minute! The internet is moving at a much faster pace and it is important to keep up in order to keep your content seen.” And these searches conducted on mobile devices become more common than desktop.

In respect of digital footprint management, one needs to begin evaluating what kind of profile it will generate on the eyes of others when they find it on Google and other search engines. It may be surprising sometimes that some piece of information is out from sources beyond the person himself or herself or company itself. It becomes issue when all the information becomes the hindrance to move forward with personal or corporate objectives.

If you want to leave your unlucky or unpleasant past behind and begin new path forward, digital footprint management may be one way to get on new digital footing. It comes with solutions for building better online presence and replacing the old with new contents that better represent one’s profile for balance and be your own saving grace.

It may not need to undertake single-handedly; you may opt to work with digital marketing communication specialist or strategist. Start your journey for rearrangement and transformation by discussing your challenges and collaborative cooperation to make it less burdensome on your part because of having own activities and business to maintain and grow.

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