PPC Advertising


PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising, as simple as it may look and sound, means short term actions undertaken by deploying your keywords, to gain instant tractions (traffic and ranking) from specific geographies and languages. It can be undertaken to complement with SEO implementation. Since it is a service by Google, better known as AdWords, it will come equipped with Google Analytics you can access yourself or share with your internal or external web-masters. In addition, you may also be familiar with Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Bing Advertising, Facebook Ads and few other players, including local PPC advertising in Indonesia.

Similar to our SEO services, it will start from keyword research as well. It takes brainstorming with you or on our own to bring up potential keywords to target, weighing the competition and opportunity where you may want to rank for.

Unlike SEO’s objective of organic results, PPC campaigns will draw away your budgeted chunk of fund when people click on your ad(s). So, you need to carefully craft your campaign plan and manage the expectations.

To attract targeted customers, persuasive ad or landing page must constructed to be outstanding and at the same time clearly associated with only certain customers. The quality of each click will make sure that your money is not wasted ineffectively. The conversions of those clicks into sales and buying will start to recoup your campaign budget.

Once the campaign is launched and running, we can serve you with managing, monitoring, providing the report, input and suggestions.

To make your life and business easy, pass your concerns to the experts. Here we are ready to help you with our expertise’s for your online paid advertising solutions. One of our qualifications is Google AdWords Certified Partner.

Our PPC advertising service Indonesia, based in Jakarta, will help you to enter local, regional and global markets. We are your partner for Google Ads as Pay Per Click Services. Please call us for more details.

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