On Page SEO

On page SEO is so much talked about in many websites about SEO that you would not miss term terms like Title Tag, Meta Description, URL and H1 and H2 Tags. These are like mantra in SEO world where you are supposed to optimize with your keywords. And, there is a host of optimizations including blogging, images, sitemap, Website verification by Google and recently, mobile friendly and so on. After reading this, you have to make sure you have checked and implemented correctly in your Website. They are to ensure your Website is search engine friendly. Of course, these are many more to implement once you are committed into optimization process.

On the other hand, when it comes to on page SEO, quality content is central in optimization. People used to refer back then that content is king. It is still true today. With today’s internet bandwidth capacity, it becomes convenient to engage your readers with informative, entertaining, and interesting images, videos and diagrams which can reduce bounce rate and increase time on site. Google search engine crawler can only read text, you have to make sure to include keywords to describe your images, videos and diagrams, in Alt Text and Descriptions. The elements carry significant factors and benefit in SEO.

As a rule of thumb, you may write content which contains at least 300 words and as many as 2000 words, depending on how competitive your keywords are. And you can add links to other interesting pages of your Website with different and diverse keywords, which will make reader’s browsing experience become rich, beneficial and meaningful. It also ensures that your site gets properly crawled by search engine robot to find all of your pages. How many linking is ideal, it is subject to length of content. You must avoid too many linking, to avoid being penalized by Google.

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